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This is the web site for the North West Bassett Residents Association (NWBRA).

North West Bassett is an area of the city of Southampton, Hampshire in the United Kingdom. The area is identified as being bounded by; the Western side of Bassett Avenue, Holly Brook, Bassett Row, Lingwood Close and Fitzroy Close, and Pine way and part of Roman Road to the North.

The association has as it's aims to promote and safeguard the interests of the members, and to preserve and improve the quality of the environment and of the amenities in Southampton  in general and in the North West Bassett area in particular. Membership of the association is open to any person over 18 years of age who either lives within the association's boundaries, or who shares the aims of the organisation.

Latest news highlights:

2016 AGM.

The 2016 Annual General Meeting of NWBRA will be held at 19:00 on Wednesday 06 April at St Michael's Church Hall, Bassett Avenue. All residents welcome.

Bassett Neighbourhood Plan.

The referendum on the Bassett Neighbourhood Plan was held on Thursday 25 February 2016. A total of 93.6% of those voting have voted in favour of the Neighbourhood Plan.

More details can be found on the Southampton City Council website here.

Website announcement:

Due to Hampshire County Council discontinuing their website hosting facilities in 2016 the NWBRA website will be moving in the next couple of months. 

The new NWBRA website can be found at: http://www.nwbra.btck.co.uk/

Please note that the new website is still under construction and is not yet complete. We will be adding more content over the next couple of months.

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The association has a constitution which can be found here

Content is continually being added to the web site. If some of the links have no content it will be added in time.

If any links do not work, or you have any other problems with this website please contact us at the email address below.

North West Bassett Residents Association. For more information email info.nwbra@hantsweb.org.uk

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